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  • Are apartment locators licensed real estate agents?
    Yes! Texas requires all apartment locators to be fully licensed. Texas actually has one of the longest course requirements to obtain a real estate license out of any state in the US. All of our Locators are fully licensed and complete the required continuing education required by the state.
  • Is the service really Free?
    Yes! Our service is completely free to you. We are paid a referral fee out of the marketing budget from the property management company after you successfully move into your new place. This doesn’t cause an increase in rent or fees for you in any way. When we say Free, we mean it!
  • Can you help with price?
    While we cannot negotiate price with the property, or other aspects of the lease itself, we can inquire on your behalf about current specials or deals. In some cases, we can offer rebates in the form of E-Gift Cards to help you with the costs.
  • What's a Special?
    A special is a promotion that management companies offer to entice renters to fill vacancies. These deals are always changing and normally range from 1-2 Months Rent Free, often including other incentives to lease with them such as Gift Cards or waived fees. This is great for you as a renter because it brings apartments that may normally have been out of your price range right into your grasp! Ask one of our agents about Effective-Rent and current specials to learn more.
  • What is Effective-Rent?
    Effective rent factors in any promotions or specials over the course of the lease term. Most people are working with a budget and limit themselves to searching based on monthly rent. For instance, if your budget was $1,600 a month then you wouldn’t look twice at that $1,800 a month apartment that would be perfect if you could afford it. However, if that property was offering a promotion of two months free, that $1,800 a month apartment could be all yours. It’s a simple equation with 2 months free you are only paying for 10 months of rent over a 12 month lease. So ($1,800 x 10) / 12 = $1,500! In this case the effect rent would be $1,500 a month, and now that apartment that you really wanted can be all yours!
  • How do I make sure you get credit for helping me find a place?
    Let the leasing office know you’ve been working with a locator from the very start. Before you tour any property, we must send them some basic information in the form of a “Guest Card” to receive credit for the referral. Finally, be sure to list your locator by name as your referral on the application. If applying online there is a section titled “How did you hear about us?” or “Referral source” there you must choose “Locator” or “Agent” from the drop-down menu.
  • Can you find me a place in the “safe” part of town?
    Since our locators are all Licensed Real Estate agents, we are unable to discuss safety or demographic questions. However, as we get to know you and your preferences, we can send you options that are in areas that interest you.
  • Do you work with Townhomes or House Rentals?
    Yes! We work with properties across the Greater Austin Area that offer Townhomes and House Rentals.
  • When should I start looking for a new place?
    It’s never too early to get some information, but we recommend starting your search within 30-45 days of your move date. This will allow you to capitalize on current market pricing and active specials. Pricing, specials and availability are always changing, so we urge all our clients to be ready to make a decision. Many of the best deals are part of a “Look and Lease” special that often require you to apply within 24 hours of touring.
  • When are the best deals available?
    Prices tend to jump at the start of the year and during the summer months. Though the occupancy rate of the property can be a huge factor and that can change sporadically.
  • What if I have an eviction or a felony on my record?
    We completely understand how life can throw us all a curve-ball from time to time, but most of the properties we work with do not accept applicants with evictions or felonies on their record.
  • What if I have a Broken Lease on my record?
    That will depend on the policies of the property itself. Most of the properties we work with will accept a broken lease if enough time has passed (normally 5-7 years), you’ll need to show a good rental history since then, and that there is no outstanding balance with your previous property.
  • How much do I need to make to qualify for an apartment?
    Most properties require you to make 3 times the monthly rent as gross income for the month. For example, if your apartment cost $1,500 you’d need to make $4,500 a month before taxes to qualify.
  • Does my roommate have to be on the lease?
    Yes, in Texas any occupant over the age of 18 residing in the unit must be listed on the lease.
  • What is a Cosigner? A guarantor?
    In the realm of apartments and rentals, both co-signers and guarantors play a role in assisting you to meet qualification requirements, although they possess distinct characteristics. A guarantor assumes financial responsibility for the apartment in the event that the tenant defaults on rent payments. Unlike tenants, guarantors are not permitted to reside in the unit. Conversely, a co-signer is acknowledged as a tenant and can reside in the apartment they co-sign for. Consequently, the co-signer bears immediate responsibility for rent payments and shares the same liability for the unit as the primary renter.
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